BFFs Sarah Michelle Gellar And Selma Blair Have Surprise Reunion Amid California Fire Evacuation

by Angela Andaloro

It’s astounding to watch the development of a number of wildfires currently burning throughout California.

The powerful Santa Ana winds have helped dry brush catch fire throughout the state. Hurricane-force wind gusts have helped those fires spread, putting millions of people in danger. Among those who have been forced to evacuate their homes are a number of celebrities. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. were forced to leave their Los Angeles area home with their two children.

Thankfully, a familiar face made the scary situation feel a little less terrifying.

Sarah Michelle shared a post to Instagram detailing how she ran into friend Selma Blair after being evacuated. The two are longtime friends, having starred in Scream 2 and Cruel Intentions together in the ’90s. While some may think the run-in was planned, when your home is in danger and you’re forced out in the middle of the night, it’s only something like divine intervention that can help you end up with the people you need to be with.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. are raising their two kids, 10-year-old Charlotte and 7-year-old Rocky, in the Los Angeles area, like so many celebrities do. As a result, they’ve been impacted by the recent California wildfires.

On Tuesday, Sarah Michelle posted a photo of the fires burning from afar. She wrote, “When you stare from a city away, and can only hope and pray that you have a house to return to. Thank you to the @lacountyfd for your tireless effort. Prayers for all 🙏.”

While Sarah Michelle didn’t elaborate at the time, yesterday she shared with fans that her family was among those evacuated. “I left my house on Monday am at 3am when we were evacuated, with the clothes on my back (since been washed don’t worry) and my family,” she shared.

“I’m definitely scared and emotional, but then I get a surprise of @selmablair and now I can’t stop smiling,” she shared. “These moments remind me to be grateful for all the blessings I have, and Selma you are certainly one of them.”

“Once again thank you to the @losangelesfiredepartment for all you do. We owe you so much,” she concluded the caption. It’s so nice to see how much comfort the friendship brings both Sarah Michelle and Selma.

The longtime friendship between the two has also been continuously comforting to Selma as she’s waged her battle with multiple sclerosis. She’s counted Sarah Michelle among the women who have lifted her up during this difficult time.

Selma reposted the photo of the two friends, writing in the caption, “#womancrushwednesday forever. 💕💕 #sarahmichellegellar 💕💕 #bff always there when I most need her.” Sarah commented on the picture, clearly touched.

“I ❤️ you!! 💕,” Sarah Michelle wrote. In another comment, she added, “But next time I evacuate, I’m grabbing makeup (haha pls may this never happen again 🙏 and pls know I’m joking).” It’s nice to see she can still find some humor in a scary situation.

Sarah Michelle and Selma aren’t the only celebrities who have found themselves displaced by the fires. Kate Beckinsale posted a terrifying photo showing what the scene looked like as she evacuated.

Arnold Schwarzenegger took to Twitter to share that he, too, had safely evacuated in the middle of the night. He urged those who are in evacuation zones to follow orders and leave when they are told to.

Actress Kristin Davis also shared a photo from when she was evacuating the Getty Fire. She was thankful to have gotten out safely with her children and pets, the latter of which is a great concern for many evacuees.

LeBron James was also forced to evacuate with his family. He reported having difficulty finding lodging accommodations as the numbers of people who needed to evacuate grew higher and more fires broke out.

As an increasing number of celebrities were affected, many used their platforms to urge their peers to give to local organizations that support first responders, replenish their supplies, and more.

In a time where so many are facing threats not only to their homes but also to their families and themselves, it’s wonderful to see the bonds of friendship getting people through. May the fires be put out without any more damage to the affected.