Sarah Michelle Gellar Wants Parents To Prioritize Thanking Their Kids’ Teachers

by Angela Andaloro

Sarah Michelle Gellar makes a point of showing her gratitude for her kids’ teachers. The actress shares 10-year-old daughter Charlotte and 7-year-old son Rocky with her husband, Freddie Prinze Jr.

As the daughter of a teacher, Sarah Michelle is well aware of how big of a role teachers play in children’s lives. She’s now looking to pay it forward. Sarah Michelle hopes to teach her kids and other parents to value the roles teachers play in their students’ lives. As a partner for Lysol’s Here for Healthy Schools campaign, she decided to delve further into the subject.

Sarah Michelle talked to HuffPost about the initiative to promote healthy habits in children and classrooms throughout the country.

The simple tips provided go a long way toward keeping kids healthy as we approach cold and flu season. She also opened up about how teachers field all of the complaints parents have but get little thanks and appreciation in return.

Sarah Michelle Gellar has been thinking a lot about the relationship between parents and teachers. You usually only talk to your children’s teachers on an as-needed basis, but Sarah Michelle believes in reaching out to show gratitude.

Sarah Michelle’s mother, Rosellen, was a nursery school teacher while the actress was growing up, so she’s seen the struggles teachers go through firsthand. While promoting Lysol’s Here for Healthy Schools campaign, she talked to HuffPost about teachers.

The campaign hopes to equip classrooms around the country with the tools they need to fight germs, curb the spread of preventable illnesses, and promote healthy habits among kids. It’s an important thing to consider as we head into cold and flu season.

Sarah Michelle’s own kids are growing up fast. The actress shares 10-year-old daughter Charlotte and 7-year-old son Rocky with husband Freddie Prinze Jr. Charlotte is in fourth grade, and Rocky is in first grade.

“Often parents go into schools and complain, saying, ‘This child did this to my child!’ and, ‘We didn’t get this part in the play!’” Sarah Michelle noted. “But let’s just take a moment and appreciate what they’re giving your child because there’s nothing better than the gift of education.”

Sarah Michelle has some suggestions for parents. Where possible, you can ask teachers what supplies they need for their classrooms. If you have a special skill set that can enrich students’ experiences, you can offer that as well.

“And just remember to thank teachers for what they do,” Sarah Michelle added. She began doing her part by promoting and participating in the #ClearTheLists campaign at the beginning of the school year. This campaign helps teachers in underserved communities get the supplies they need.

“It’s one of the few times social media has been really good,” she pointed out. She was touched to see her followers chip in and help clear the list for a third grade “Wizarding World” themed classroom, even providing copies of the Harry Potter books.

Sarah Michelle can relate to the Harry Potter love. Her kids are big fans of the series. She’s also gotten Charlotte into the graphic novel remakes of The Baby-Sitters Club series that she grew up with as a child.

Sarah Michelle loves reading herself, as a form of self-care. “That’s the one time I can shut my brain off and just put myself into another world,” she explains. She’s an author herself, having released a cookbook in 2017.

With Stirring Up Fun With Food: Over 115 Simple, Delicious Ways To Be Creative in the Kitchen, Sarah Michelle lets everyone in on how she’s promoted healthy eating within her own family. “My kids are great eaters,” she explained.

“We have a rule in our house that you have to eat something 10 times and then two times more before you can decide you don’t like it,” she said. “So many kids say, ‘I don’t like that!’ But you have to develop a taste to find out. If you eat something 12 times and really don’t like it, odds are you really don’t like it.”

“If you eat something once, maybe it’s the way it was prepared, maybe it’s the way you’re feeling that day so you have to give it time to understand,” she added. “And food is such an important part of brain growth.”

Sarah Michelle seems to be a master at the mom game, even if she doesn’t boast as such. To her, it’s all about setting examples within your own life and letting your kids follow your lead. By the looks of it, that method is working out great for her family.