A Woman Abandoned At A Church And Adopted As A Baby Is Still Searching For Her Blood Relatives

by Grace Eire
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Sarah-Louise Smith grew up in a very loving family. Her mother loved her to her core, as did her father.

As she looks through a box full of old photos from her childhood, there’s not one that doesn’t demonstrate what a comforting home in which she grew up.

However, as Sarah-Louise scans these happy images, she can’t help but feel an emptiness inside of her.

When she was just a tiny baby, she was abandoned at a church in a town outside of London. In her 44 years of life, she’s never known who her blood relatives are, and she’s never known why they abandoned her.

She bears no grudges against her biological parents, but the unknown has gnawed at her heart throughout her entire life. The only known blood relative Sarah-Louise has is her son, Luke.

Pam, Sarah-Louise’s mother, the mother who loved and raised her, has the best response to Sarah-Louise’s wish. Her reaction to her daughter’s longing to find the truth of her past is a real indication of unconditional, undying love.

Sarah-Louise is getting closer to an answer as new DNA tests lead her to distant cousins, but she’s yet to find her mother or father.

While I hope that she does someday have her wish granted, her mother’s words really strike a chord with me. What about you?

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