26-Year-Old Woman Shares Modeling Photo On Instagram, But They Notice Her ‘Strange’ Skin

by June Rivers
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Sara Geurts is only 26 years old, but to some, she looks decades older.

She first noticed something “different” about her body when she was seven. Doctors diagnosed her with a type of Ehlers-Danlos of which only a dozen people have been diagnosed. The condition, which is inherited, makes skin extremely soft and fragile.

Sara’s condition worsened in high school. Ashamed of her saggy skin, she did whatever she could to hide her body under baggy clothes. The older she got, the more apparent her wrinkles became. The idea of wearing tank tops or shorts was all but nonexistent.

At the age of 22, Sara had gone through a difficult break-up and decided to try and change the way in which she saw her body. So, she took a chance and bravely sent a photo of herself to a blog that encourages women to share and embrace their bodily imperfections. She’s now 26, and posts photos (some even topless) on Instagram, with captions like, “Sorry, not sorry!”

It’s incredible how her outlook has changed. In the video below, you’ll meet Sara as she pursues the one career she would have never expected to follow as a child.

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