Boy Thinks He’s Meeting Santa, Then Gets A Tap On The Shoulder And Finally Sees Military Mom Again

by Nadine DeNinno
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Dillon Workman poses for a photo with Santa Claus, telling him what he wants for Christmas this year.

Except Dillon gets his wish early.

In the video below, the 12-year-old is sitting on Saint Nick’s lap in his local Cleveland mall when he’s tapped on the shoulder. When he turns around, he finally sees his mother.

Dillon hadn’t seen his mom Julie Workman for almost a year. She’s a Navy Reserve petty officer who spent the previous 11 months on deployment in Bahrain.

“He didn’t say anything at first,” his aunt Jessica Workman told The Today Show. “Then he asked, ‘Where did you come from?'”

“I didn’t know if I should wait to hug her until the picture was over or not,” Dillon added.

According to his aunt, Dillon’s mother found out she would be retuning home for the holidays and wanted to surprise Dillon, calling on her sister to help with the big reveal. Since Jessica works at the local mall, she connected with administrators to orchestrate the whole surprise and have it filmed.

But now that the big surprise has come and gone, Dillon and his mother Julie have been enjoying their time together, “doing the little things and hanging out, stuff most people get to do on a daily basis.”

His mom Julie said she was shocked to see her son, who’s a “whole new young adult” that’s almost as tall as she is.

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