Woman Covers Cheating Boyfriend’s Car In Sanitary Napkins, Only To Learn She Made A Big Mistake

by Barbara Diamond
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Li Tan, 23, was convinced her boyfriend, De Wu, was cheating on her with an unknown woman.

De Wu promised to return home to Li at a certain time, and she became angrier and angrier as she sat waiting for him.

So, she came up with a rather unconventional revenge plot involving 30 sanitary napkins and a Toyota rental car.

Li’s friend told her to wait until she spoke with De to carry out her plan, but Li refused. She was convinced De was unfaithful, and nothing was going to change her mind.

Li was so proud of her “work” that she shared the photos online.

But by the time they started going viral, De finally arrived home and revealed why he was late…

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In March 2015, a woman in China came up with a bizarre way to get revenge on her cheating boyfriend.

Li Tan, 23, was convinced her boyfriend, De Wu, was having an affair.

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De Wu promised he’d come home one evening, but ended up getting back later than he promised.

Each minute that passed by, the angrier Li became.

That’s when she came up with her unconventional plan for payback.


Li headed off to a nearby convenience store and bought a bunch of boxes of sanitary napkins.

Li plastered 30 sanitary napkins all over De’s rental car, a Toyota parked outside on the side of a busy road. While she made her way around the car, passers-by couldn’t believe what they were witnessing.

Li’s friend warned her not to be so hasty and wait to see if her boyfriend had a good explanation for his lateness.

“But she wouldn’t listen as she was convinced he was cheating on her, and so I let her get on with it,” her friend said. “It made her feel better.”

Li proudly shared photos of her “work” online, saying, “That’s right, I did it!!”

Li was flooded with praise from strangers around the country, from, “That’ll teach him,” to “You should have done it with used ones.”


When De finally arrived home, he saw the rental car parked outside and immediately tried to explain himself to the infuriated Li.

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And that’s when the truth emerged.

As it turned out, De wasn’t cheating. In fact, it was just the opposite. He was at his friend’s house… planning a surprise birthday party for Li. Yup.

De even showed Li the restaurant reservation he made online for a fancy birthday dinner before revealing her friends were supposed to come by afterwards to celebrate!

Li eventually believed her loving boyfriend, and the two made up.

“…but I don’t think anyone will want to rent that car anytime soon,” De said.

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