Dog Starts Freaking Out When He Sees Huge Cardboard Box, Has No Clue His Mom Is Hiding Inside

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

It’s no secret that dogs genuinely feel love and companionship. No matter how long they spend away from their moms or their dads, they won’t ever forget them — not even when they hide inside a cardboard box!

OK, so that’s an odd example. But you never know when you might need to hide inside one. Especially when it comes to pulling off a most unforgettable surprise!

I mean, just look at how this dad reacts when the daughter he hasn’t seen in over 10 years popped out of this box! I don’t know why, but cardboard boxes work!

In the video below, Sandy the dog steps out of her front door and comes face-to-face with a large cardboard box.

The amazing thing is, Sandy the savvy dog instantly knows something is up with the box. He knows there’s something in there. He runs around it and barks at the box. He’s even smart enough to go straight to one of the side slits and peek inside.

It’s almost like he’s saying, “Hey, I know you’re in there! Show yourself!”

Dogs will never cease to amaze me!

Of course, we’ll never know if Sandy knew exactly who it was inside the cardboard box, but when the person is revealed, Sandy’s reaction is too awesome to miss!

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