An Artist Makes Life A Little Sillier With Her Creative Street Doodles

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

There’s an idea that art is a serious, formal affair; that it’s grand, somber, and academic — so much so, sometimes, that people can feel a bit uncomfortable approaching it.

It’s easier to relate to everyday things, and it’s certainly easier to approach something that has a healthy dose of humor and self-awareness.

Take the art of Sandrine Estrade Boulet. The Paris native draws her inspiration from the streets of her city. Where most people might just see a traffic cone, a tuft of grass, or even a piece of historical sculpture, this clever creative sees witches, cheerleaders, and a very embarrassing situation.

To create her scenes, she uses a few tricks.

Sometimes, the additions are drawn in digitally. Other times, she uses props to alter the scene in real life and snaps a photo.

But like the people who made public art a family activity, all of her artwork is impermanent and damage-free.

Check out what she’s made, and see if you start seeing the things on your streets a bit differently!

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She uses everyday features and objects, everything from guardrails to litter to entire buildings to create her pieces.

Depending on the size, placement, and logistics, she uses a variety of techniques to create her images.

For example, she might use a paper cutout or a physical object to create an image. This little sparrow with its protest sign has popped up in several places.

Other times, temporary, non-damaging additions are put on objects to give them a little extra personality.

Chalk is also a perfect material for making a quick, but temporary alteration.

Other times, though, she simply snaps a photo of whatever’s inspiring her, then she adds in the rest digitally.

That way, she can do whatever she wants, but without damaging or vandalizing the structures. It’s the best of both worlds!

It also works out when she wants to alter something that would be impossible to do physically, like the ocean itself!

It’s really amazing how Sandrine can be inspired by just about anything, and see a hidden gem in even the plainest, most ordinary of objects.

And she’s created so many. It’s kind of mind-blowing how many ideas she’s had!

But then, the possibilities and opportunities really are everywhere.

All you need is a sharp eye, a good sense of humor, and a slightly off-beat way of looking at the world. Then you, too, can turn an umbrella into a wardrobe malfunction.

Of course, sometimes she has help. Consider this other wardrobe malfunction a collaborative effort between Sandrine and the statue’s original sculptor.

There’s no doubt her images are a bit strange, but they’re also hilarious and delightful. Plus, they make the everyday world seem like a much more magical place.

They also remind us that if we learn to look at things a little differently, the possibilities are endless.

And that anything can be art.

Looking around you, see if you can come up with a new way to see some otherwise uninteresting object. You might surprise yourself!

You can see more of Sandrine’s work on her website, Facebook, and Instagram. If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, it’s the perfect art for you!

And remember to SHARE Sandrine’s art with your friends and family, and get everyone looking at things differently!