Abandoned ‘Grandma’ Sheep Finds Purpose By Caring For Other Farm Animals

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

Sammie was only 9 years old. To us, that’s not very old, but for a sheep, it’s up there.

But while an elderly sheep like Sammie should have been spending her days snoozing in the sun and grazing, she was instead about to lose her home, where she’d lived all her life.

But her owner was moving nearly across the country, and didn’t want to take Sammie along because she was so old. She waited for a while, hoping that perhaps Sammie would pass away quietly before moving, but Sammie wasn’t going anywhere.

Finally, the former owner gave her to Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary in Maryland, where she could live out her days in peace and quiet.

And that’s exactly what she’s doing — and then some.

Today, Sammie is 12, but she’s not just enjoying her retirement.

She’s also extending her natural kindness toward the other sanctuary residents, including another senior deer and a disabled lamb.

Sheep get kind of a bad rap, but really, they’re such sweet animals with the ability to befriend just about anyone, even baby elephants!

Check out the joy Sammie found at the sanctuary and brought to it below.

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This is Sammie. At 12 years old, she’s a senior citizen sheep, but she was considered elderly even 3 years ago, when her former owner surrendered her to the Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary.

The owner was moving and had hoped that Sammie would simply pass away before the move.

But Sammie seemed to know that she wasn’t done here on Earth yet.

At the sanctuary, Sammie immediately befriended some of the other sheep, especially the ones who had had particularly rough times.

One such sheep was Daisy, who was found as a lamb wandering the streets of Philadelphia (still a mystery!).

Daisy is also a senior, and the pair have been nicknamed the “Golden Girls.”

But she really became attached to Andy, a younger sheep whose disabilities hindered his motion.

Sammie became his “grandma,” and spent time cuddling and comforting him.

Poplar Spring’s director, Terry Cummings, noted that the pair formed a strong bond.

“She loved to cuddle him when he was taken out of his wheelchair cart,” Cumming said. “Every day when he would come back to the barn, she would ‘baaah’ for him until they were back together.”

Although Sammie has arthritis, she never let it stop her from heaping affection on Andy.

Sadly, Andy passed away earlier this year due to complications from his disability, and he is missed.

But as for Sammie, she’s not letting that put a damper on her kindness toward the other animals.

She’s still enjoying her new friends and teaching all of us that kindness really does make all the difference.

You can see more of the animals who live at Poplar Spring on their website and Facebook page, and consider donating to keep them living full and happy lives.

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