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Woman Finds Dog Stuffed In Trash Bag To Die At Park And Gets Him To The Hospital Just In Time

by Mauricio Castillo
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While walking along at a park in Brooklyn, New York, a woman made a terrifying discovery: Stuffed inside a garbage bag with his mouth taped up was a dog. The poor pup looked to have been abandoned and left to die alone. His name was Saint Vincent.

Alarmed, the woman rushed to free him. She contacted the authorities, and members of the animal rescue organization New York Bully Crew later arrived to help save Saint Vincent.

He was rushed to the hospital, where work immediately commenced to try to save him.

Craig Fields — a member of the New York Bully Crew and the dog’s current foster dad — didn’t think he would make it when he first saw his condition.

“The idea of him leaving the hospital wasn’t even a thought at the time,” Craig recalled.

But he didn’t give up hope.

Luckily, neither did Saint Vincent’s group of caretakers, as the dog began making an incredible recovery.

In just three weeks, the dog was practically unrecognizable.

After sharing Saint Vincent’s story, the New York Bully Crew received over 100 adoption applications.

Though the dog isn’t quite ready to be adopted, he can rest assured that there are hundreds of people willing to give him a forever home.

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