The World’s ‘Saddest’ Elephant Died After 43 Years Living In Solitude At A Zoo

by Angela Andaloro

Elephants are very social animals. They enjoy living in groups and are even pretty friendly with humans when exposed to them.

Sadly, an elephant once known as “the world’s saddest elephant” never got that socialization.

Flavia, an Indian elephant who was kept at the Cordoba Zoo in Spain, died at 47 years old. Flavia suffered a decline in her health over the last six months. When she could no longer stand on her own, she was put down.

The zoo remembered Flavia fondly. She was kept there for 43 years. Amparo Pernichi, the councilor in charge of environmental issues for the Cordoba Zoo, said that she was an “icon.” Amparo remarked how deeply those who cared for Flavia over the years were impacted by her death.

These elephants are known to live up to 70 years in the wild. Experts believe that Flavia’s depression contributed to her early demise. Animal rights group PACMA was working to get Flavia transported to a sanctuary, where she’d have opportunities to socialize. The organization hoped her health would improve, but it sadly couldn’t make the move happen.

PACMA claims Flavia lived in “confinement and solitude.” In light of her treatment, the organization is calling for no new animals to be sent to the zoo. Additionally, it wants the animals already there to no longer be allowed to reproduce.

“We hope that no animal will go through this again,” PACMA president Silvia Barquero told the press.

Watch the video to learn more about Flavia’s sad life.

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