Adorable Kitty Born With Corneal Ulcer Is Called ‘The Saddest Cat In The World’

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

In the age of Instagram and internet cats, it’s hard to turn a corner of the web without running into another adorable kitty.

They come in all shapes and sizes, and each is cuter than the last.

Luhu is one of these amazing kitties. Not only is he adorable, but he also comes with a story to tell.

Luhu was born with multiple health issues, including very bad eyes. His mother, a caring woman named Maggie Liu, took him under her wing when he was just 2 weeks old. She gave him the medical attention and love that he needed to grow into a happy, healthy cat.

Now, everyone is falling in love with little Luhu and his sad-looking eyes.

Some have even called him the saddest cat in the world! Rest assured, though, Luhu is anything but sad.

Do you think Luhu is the cutest thing you’ve seen all day?

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This is little Luhu.


He is a happy 5-year-old boy.


He was born in 2012 with a corneal ulcer on his eye and has had multiple surgeries to fix the problem.


These days, he's living his very best life with his look-alike siblings.

brother sister

His loving human mama takes very good care of him.


While his eyes may make him look sad, he lives a super happy life!


Imagine seeing this sweet little face every single day.


He's such a cutie, it's hard to believe he's even real.

whats going on

Yet, here the little angel is, in the fur.


Melting the hearts of those far and wide.


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