Blake Lively Makes Fun Of Ryan Reynolds’ Failed Christmas Cookies With Photo Of The Mess He Made

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds tied the knot in 2012, and they’ve been making jokes at one another’s expense ever since.

Ryan and Blake are absolutely hysterical, and they’re definitely one of the funniest couples in Hollywood.

Earlier this year, they both posted funny pictures for each other’s birthdays, and now they’ve followed that up with great Christmas social media posts.

Of course, our favorite couple didn’t fail to come through with some Christmas humor.

Although Ryan Reynolds is an incredible actor, husband, and father, it turns out he’s not such an amazing cookie decorator.

Two days before Christmas, Blake shared a picture of Ryan’s attempt at making cookies. And they were… well, interesting.

Needless to say, the cookies were less than stellar. The cookies themselves were burned and cracked, and the frosting was a complete mess. It looked more like a crime scene than holiday cookies. Take a look at the hilarious baking results below.

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On December 23, 2017, Blake Lively shared the above photo on her Instagram.

She wrote, “@vancityreynolds made some Christmas cookies… He’s verrry handsome though.”

ryan reynolds

Fans immediately started making fun of Ryan as well, joking about how bad his cookies looked.

On person wrote, “That snowman looks like it met death.”

“Omg. Lucky he’s that good looking. Lol!” wrote someone else.

Another fan asked, “Did they at least taste good?”

ryan reynolds comment

Of course, Ryan wasn’t going to let Blake have the last word on the cookie disaster.

He commented on her photo as well, writing, “I wanted to be the first person to bake Christmas cookies using only a hammer.”

blake lively

This wasn’t the only funny thing that happened in the Reynolds-Lively household this holiday season.

The couple, who have two young daughters, had a bit of a problem when it came to Santa.

Ryan shared this picture of a fireplace and wrote:

Daughter: Santa comes down the chimney?

Me: Yup. 
Daughter: You left the fire burning all night.

Me: Yup. (Silence. Slight breeze. A crow circles in the distance.)

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These two are such a fun pair, so I’m sure they handled the whole “Santa” debacle with ease.

It’s safe to say that Blake and Ryan’s daughters have some wonderful parents.

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Plus, Ryan’s failed Christmas cookies probably made his daughters’ attempts look even better.

Fans of the couple can’t get enough of them; they’re constantly praising them on social media.

On this photo, one fan wrote, “You and your wife seem like such an awesome team….so what’s your secret?”

Another person said: “You two are the cutest couple ever!! Seriously love that you seem down to earth, funny, and just great people.”

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