Ryan Reynolds Accuses Wife Blake Lively Of Cheating On Him With A Ghost In Hysterical Tweet

by Kim Wong-Shing
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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are proof that you’re never too old to troll each other on the internet. After six years of marriage and two kids, the pranks just don’t stop rolling for these two.

There was that one time Blake accused Ryan of having a crush on Helen Mirren. Or that time she made fun of him for his very sad Christmas cookies.

Last week, the couple was at it again. This time, Ryan has accused his wife of cheating on him with a ghost. Yes, a ghost.

The New York Post tweeted a link to a story about a woman who has had sex with over 20 ghosts, whatever that means. The tweet includes a photo of the woman in question, and she looks a little like… well… Blake Lively.

So naturally, Ryan had to tag her.

“THIS is how I find out?” the Deadpool star replied to a post of the photo.

Just before Halloween, the New York Post published a story about a woman who claims that she’s had sex with 20 ghosts and is now engaged to one of them.

The tweet also included a photo of the woman in question.

Who, according to Ryan Reynolds, looks very much like his wife Blake Lively.

Upon seeing the photo, Ryan, 42, wrote a hilarious response: “THIS is how I find out?”

Because Blake, 31, already has a husband — a very alive one, thank you very much.

And you have to hand it to Ryan — there is a resemblance there!

Twitter agrees that this woman looks like some alternative version of Blake.

And people were full of hilarious puns about the actual woman who has a ghost fiancé, whose name is Amethyst Realm (because of course it is!).

The lucky lady “found her boo,” wrote one Twitter user. BA DUM CHING.

The jokes got better or worse from there, depending on your stance on puns.

This is far from the first time that Blake and Ryan have poked fun at each other on the internet.

For example, remember when Ryan wished his wife happy birthday by posting a photo that was mostly of his own face?

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Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.

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And then Blake retaliated by posting a birthday photo of a completely different Ryan?

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Happy Birthday, baby.

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Ah, and then there was that time that Blake posted a photo of some Christmas cookies that her husband made her.

“@vancityreynolds made some Christmas cookies… 😳 …He’s verrry handsome though,” she teased.

Knowing Blake, she’s probably cooking up the perfect response to this whole ghost fiancé joke right now.

And oooh, I hope it’s good.