Ryan Reynolds Used His 42nd Birthday To Share An Important Message With Fans Across The Country

by Angela Andaloro

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are one of our absolute favorite couples in Hollywood. The two are astoundingly down to earth and maintain their signature senses of humor as their stars continue to rise.

Any time they give the public insight into their lives, it’s a pretty big deal. Ryan celebrated his 42nd birthday this week and continued to be awesome by using the opportunity to speak out on important matters.

Both Blake and Ryan posted photos to commemorate the special occasion on Instagram. The couple is smiling in their photos with their absentee ballots in hand, encouraging their fan base to vote in the upcoming midterm elections. Ryan and Blake have found many ways to address important and complex topics while still being themselves, avoiding a lot of the criticism that other public figures who speak out receive.

The ability to speak out and use their platform for good is just another thing to admire from Hollywood’s golden couple.

Ryan Reynolds isn’t exactly known as the most serious guy in Hollywood.

In fact, Ryan and his wife, Blake Lively, are known for their funny, and sometimes crude, senses of humor.

The Deadpool actor just rang in his 42nd birthday with his beautiful wife.

Fans were on the lookout to see how the couple would celebrate the special occasion.

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Happy Birthday, baby.

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You might remember how Blake trolled Ryan last year with this photo, complete with the caption “Happy Birthday, baby.”

This year, Blake and Ryan posted similar pictures, both focusing on an important issue. Ryan’s humorous caption read: “What a birthday! I just smoked a huge bowl of early voting. #JustVoted @whenweallvote.”

The couple posed with their absentee ballots, encouraging their followers to vote. Blake’s caption read: “Happy Birthday to 2018’s Sexiest Voter Alive @vancityreynolds #justvoted 📬🎉#absenteeballot party!”

Ryan also posted a photo of the two to Twitter, writing: “Best birthday ever ever. I have a new favorite four letter word. #JustVoted @WhenWeAllVote.”

This isn’t the first time Ryan has spoken out about the importance of voting.

Ryan seems to be working alongside When We All Vote to work to mobilize voters in time for the midterm elections.

It’s awesome that Ryan has dedicated himself to using his platform to address the importance of voting while still being his classic, hysterical self.

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The balls to my basket.

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While Blake and Ryan aren’t the only celebrities encouraging Americans to get to the polls, they might be some of the most impactful.

Now don’t forget the core of Blake and Ryan’s message: Get to the polls and vote this November!