They Look Straight Into The Camera. When They Start To Move? I’m Speechless

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

The internet is so amazing because with the click of a button, you can take a peek into art, cultures and traditions from around the world.

While the type of performance you’re about to see may not be considered as hip or sexy to us Americans, there are other parts of the globe where it’s truly revered.

Prepare to be wowed by a group of Russian folk dancers that go by the name of Berezka. Because of the way these graceful dancers slide and glide on stage, it looks as though they’re on roller skates; there’s barely any movement from the hip down. This kind of dancing takes a lot of concentration and precise movements, so as not to fall out of sync.

According to, “…Its dancers have surpassed the distance of the Equator in terms of the distance they have danced. For over six decades, each of Berezka’s performances has begun with a round dance, called the khorovod, which features the ensemble’s trademark, inimitable step that was created by choreographer Nadezhda Nadezhdina. Upon joining the ensemble, dancers are told to keep the famous “floating step” technique a secret, and not to share it even with their family.”

Mysterious and fascinating. I simply couldn’t look away! What do you think of this performance? Let us know, and please SHARE this video with your friends on Facebook.

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