Pregnant Mom Gets Ultrasound, But Doctor Is Shocked To Discover Baby’s Feet Hanging Outside Womb

by Barbara Diamond
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When a 33-year-old woman got pregnant for the sixth time, she had no idea her previous five C-sections had caused her uterus wall to weaken.

As a result, the expecting mother developed a tear on her uterus — only there were no symptoms to alert her to the strange happenings inside her body.

At her 22-week ultrasound appointment, the doctor was absolutely stunned to see the image of the unborn baby’s feet and legs popping right through the amniotic sac.

It’s called “rupture pregnancy,” and only 26 cases have ever been reported…

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A young couple from France recently learned they were expecting a son.

However, the 33-year-old mother had no idea she’d developed a tear in her uterus.

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Doctors expected to see a normal ultrasound, like the one shown above.

Instead, an MRI revealed a rare medical phenomenon at 22 weeks.

The mother’s uterine wall had a one-inch rupture, allowing the baby boy’s foot to pop right through the amniotic sac!

The fascinating image, which looks like he’s kicking out of Mom’s uterus, quickly went viral.


Dr. Pierre-Emmanuel Bouet, lead author of the report, said he had never before seen a pregnancy like this one.

In fact, there are only 26 recorded cases of “rupture pregnancy.”

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Dr. Bouet said the woman’s herniated sac was the result of her five previous cesarean sections from past pregnancies, which weakened the uterus wall.

Doctors made sure to explain to the mother and her husband the potential risks of the herniated sac, like placenta accreta, hysterectomy and preterm birth.

Despite the risks, the couple decided to move forward with the pregnancy.

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After 30 weeks, the mother gave birth to a healthy boy via C-section. He is now a happy, healthy 6-month-old.

After the delivery, doctors repaired her uterine rupture.

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