Woman Says She’s Had Runny Nose Like A ‘Faucet’ For 7 Years And Uses 2 Boxes Of Tissues Each Day

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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You never really appreciate how great breathing out of your nose is until you get sick. In fact, there are few symptoms more annoying than a runny or stuffy nose. Thankfully, a runny nose doesn’t usually last all that long — unless you’re Teresa.

Teresa claims that she’s been suffering from an incredibly runny nose for the past seven years!

The 72-year-old phoned into CBS’ The Doctors in search of help for her annoying sinus issues. She confessed that she uses two boxes of tissues every single day. If she’s not being careful, Teresa says, her nose will just drip everywhere: onto her shirt, into her food.

Teresa likens her nose to “a water faucet” and says she has to be sure to bring boxes of tissues with her everywhere she goes.

After putting up with a runny nose for seven years, though, Teresa seems to have had enough. She says she’s never had any problems with allergies before and asked The Doctors panel for their advice.

Dr. Andrew Ordon suggested Teresa may be suffering from something called geriatric rhinitis, something that people can get in older age that “just causes your nose to run all the time.” He also suggested a decongestant might be the answer to Teresa’s problems.

Hopefully that advice works, and Teresa can throw away her tissues soon!

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