15 Running Dogs That Look So Silly They’ll Put A Big Grin On Your Face

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

Getting outside and enjoying the fresh air is important for everyone, including our dogs.

If our pooches don’t get out to exercise, they’ll get depressed or even sick. Think about it – if you were cooped up in the house all day, how would you feel?

Especially on nice sunny days, feeling the breeze in your hair can really boost your mood.

Most of our furry friends live for that feeling.

Watching our dogs emit joy like a ray of sunshine as they are running wild and free is unlike anything else. Their tails wag like propellers and they grin from ear to floppy ear.

When you catch running dogs, though, it doesn’t always look as graceful as it really is. They’re going so quickly and powerfully that there’s no time to think about vanity. It’s all about the fun!

These 15 dogs caught midrun are all so precious, even if they may look a bit silly.

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beach hound

Full speed ahead for this speedy beach hound.


so handsome

With all that extra skin on this hound, it’s bound to look a little silly when he runs like the wind — so funny!


so happy

This pooch, on the other hand, is ready to navigate the forest at full speed with a big old smile on his face.



What is this, Baywatch?


dog park

He doesn’t care how silly he looks; all he cares about is that he gets to that tennis ball as soon as possible.



This itty-bitty pitty look like just about the happiest pup out there.



This little poochie is going to need a serious shower before he gets in the car to go home, but it’s so worth it. Look at that dog smile!



Look at those floppy ears go in the breeze!


dinner time

This is the face of a dog determined to get back to dinner faster than the speed of sound.


long haired dachshund

I’d love to see this lovely coat swish about as his little legs move as fast as they can.



It’s OK; we can’t all be graceful all the time. This minor tumble was worth it to get into that ocean water.


border collie

She’s got her eyes on the prize, that’s for darn sure.


blue eyes

With just a leap and a bound, this pooch made it from the top of the hill to the bottom, with expert precision.



Go for gold, little Frenchie. I know you can do it.



This pointer did not know that a picture was being taken. She was more concerned with rounding the corner with dexterity.

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