Rude Man Screams At Mom For Breastfeeding At Target Until Employees Put Him In His Place

by Amy P
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Jessie Maher was breastfeeding her one-month-old baby in the cafe of a Connecticut Target store when a man started screaming at her.

“You’re disgusting!” he shouted. “Can’t you cover up? What’s wrong with you?!”

The man was so incensed, and Jessie was so startled and frightened, that she pulled out her camera and started recording the confrontation. “Because I am feeding my baby, this man is going crazy and I’m shaking,” she said in the video.

Breastfeeding in public has become a heated debate across the country, but Connecticut state law and Target policy protect nursing in public.

Back in the Target cafe, the man was relentless. It wasn’t long before fellow shoppers noticed the exchange and swarmed around Jessie, creating a protective barrier between the new mom and the outraged stranger. But then the heroic employees stepped in.

Jessie went home, her adrenaline still pumping. She decided to take a stand by posting her video on Facebook. You’re about to see why, in just a few hours, it went viral with three million views.

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