11 Strict And Surprising Things That Are Required Of Every Royal Nanny

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

Growing up, I had tons of babysitters and caretakers helping to look after me and my brother while my parents went to work or simply enjoyed a night out without us kids.

As they say, “it takes a village,” and that’s perhaps never more true than when it comes to the tykes growing up in the British royal family. There are obviously a lot of teams working behind the scenes to keep the palace in running order, so of course they take the same level of care with their children.

Naturally, they won’t just let any old person waltz in off the street and take the reins, but I had no idea just how much really goes into becoming a nanny for the royals.

Graduates from Norland College in Bath, England, have frequently been tapped for the job over the years, including Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s current caretaker, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo.

Take a look to see what sort of requirements are necessary for her and other potential royal caretakers.

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1. The Nanny Should Be A Woman


Sorry, “mannies.” In the history of Norland College, they have only ever admitted one male student and there have been zero men hired for the gig in the royal family’s past.

2. She Should Know Multiple Diaper-Folding Methods

Baby in a diaper

Royal baby bums don’t use disposable diapers, so before a nanny is even hired she must have the deft ability to wrap up babies using several different techniques in order to keep the kiddos snug.

3. She Should Know How To Keep The Playroom Impeccable

Little girl with a book and doll

They might not have the same magical powers shown in Mary Poppins, but they are required to keep the children’s area nice and tidy.

4. She Should Be Able To Fend Off Attackers

Women fighting

Safety is obviously essential, but with the added risk of paparazzi or other potential threats on the little royals, Norlanders are trained in tae kwon do to protect their charges.

5. She Should Have High-Speed Driving Skills

Woman driving convertible

Another way they make sure to prevent prying eyes or persistent folks following them around is by having a stunt driver provide lessons in evasive, high-speed driving.

6. She Should Be A Strong Swimmer

Team of female swimmers

Obviously Great Britain is an island surrounded by water, and the royals do love their beach vacations. That’s why lifeguard lessons are essential for every nanny.

7. She Should Use A Minimal Amount Of Makeup

Portrait of a woman

While at Norland, the ladies wear modest brown uniforms and refrain from eye-catching shades on their face. After graduating, they leave the uniform for special circumstances but maintain the modest, natural look.

8. She Should Don Discreet Accessories Only

Pile of fancy brooches

You’ll never find them wearing any flashy, dangling jewelry, though a subtle pair of stud earrings and other demure options are acceptable.

9. She Should Be Able To Steer 80-Pound Prams

Old fashioned baby carriage

Silver Cross strollers have long been the preferred mode of transportation for royal infants, and it definitely takes skill and strength to maneuver the heavy carriages.

10. She Should Be Able To Maintain A Nutritious Daily Menu

Kids eating from lunch trays

Obviously, there’s a whole staff of kitchen employees who create every meal for the little ones, but it’s up to the nanny to instill healthy eating habits by monitoring their food and snacks.

11. She Should Be Willing To Soothe Cries At All Hours

Crying baby

Even in the middle of the night, it’s the nanny who will come rushing to calm down an upset child rather than their parents. After all, the royals need their rest for things like taking care of an entire nation.

Did we miss any other major requirements for a royal nanny that you’ve heard about? Do you think you’d be able to handle the job?

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