7 Signature Poses Repeatedly Used By The Royal Family

by Jess Catcher
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The royal family is used to having eyes on them at all times. Countless photographs and videos have been taken of them over the years, but you might not have noticed the particular way each one tends to pose.

I know I was surprised when I recognized just how often the Queen held her hands in a specific way — and Princess Diana’s creative way of using her accessories is so smart!

After checking out the examples of the royal family below, you probably won’t be able to “unsee” the unique mannerisms of each member ever again. I know I’m going to keep an eye out for Prince Harry’s playful pose at whatever event the Windsors are photographed at next.

It also makes me wonder if there’s a signature pose I make in my own life.

That said, I’m glad I don’t have quite as many cameras on me to document the evidence.

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Queen Elizabeth's Clutched Hands

queen elizabeth
Getty Images / Max Mumby / Indigo / Contributor

Whether you’re looking at more recent photos of Her Royal Highness or taking a glimpse at her early days on the throne, you’ll often see her standing with her hands clasped together around the middle of her torso.

Princess Kate's Leg Slant

princess kate
Getty Images / WPA Pool / Pool

Known as the “Duchess slant,” this style of sitting was adopted by Kate to maintain her modesty while appearing at events.

Prince William's Wide Legs

prince william
Getty Images / Chris Jackson / Staff

William takes the opposite position from his wife, with his legs most often sprawled out in a wide stance.

Prince Harry's Pointing Fingers

prince harry
Getty Images / Max Mumby / Indigo / Contributor

The cheeky younger prince can frequently be seen drawing attention to his surroundings — sometimes even doubling up with both hands for extra emphasis.

Prince Philip's Ample Space

prince philip
Getty Images / Max Mumby / Indigo / Contributor

Philip clearly knows his wife’s status as Queen takes precedence at events and humbly remains a few paces behind her at events.

Prince Charles' Hands Behind His Back

prince charles
Getty Images / Matt Cardy / Stringer

Charles has been photographed with his hands clasped behind his back — likely something he picked up from his dad’s similar stance — since he was a little boy.

Princess Diana's Cleavage Coverage

princess diana
Getty Images / Anwar Hussein / Contributor

The “People’s Princess” made use of her accessories each time she crawled out of a car to keep pesky photographers from exploiting the angle down her dress.

royal family
Getty Images / Ben A. Pruchnie / Stringer

Did you notice all of the royal family’s signature poses in photographs over the years? I know it’s all I’ll ever think about the next time a pic gets snapped of one of the Windsors!

Plus, I can’t wait to see how young George and Charlotte develop with their own mannerisms.

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