The Royal Family Debuted This Year’s Christmas Decorations, And They’re As Stunning As Ever

by Kim Wong-Shing
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The royal family just revealed what Christmas looks like at Buckingham Palace, and the decorations could not possibly be more regal.

“It’s officially Christmas at Buckingham Palace!” their spokesperson captioned a video from the family on Twitter.

The video shows the palace’s Marble Hall lit up with giant Christmas trees, which came straight from Windsor estate. One of the main ornaments is, naturally, a red velvet crown. Because what else would a queen decorate her Christmas trees with?!

The trees also feature palace ornaments, carriage ornaments, and red velvet bows. As a final touch, the hall’s grand staircase is covered with a long garland.

“Happy Christmas!” the video finishes.

While the palace looks fit for a royal holiday, the family will spend Christmas Day as they usually do: at Sandringham House in Norfolk, the Queen’s country estate. Despite rumors of a royal feud, the entire family will reportedly spend the holiday together.

The royal family’s Christmas decorations are finally on display at Buckingham Palace. They’re charmingly traditional.

The family posted a video montage of the decorations on social media.

In the video, Marble Hall is filled with enormous lit-up Christmas trees.

Those trees are grown at the Windsor estate every year, a long-standing tradition. They’re delivered to Buckingham Palace at the beginning of December.

The trees are covered with totally appropriate ornaments, including an actual crown.

In addition to the trees, the family installed a long garland along the grand staircase of the hall.

It’s all very festive-looking.

But as special as these decorations are, the royals don’t actually spend Christmas at Buckingham Palace. Nope, they always spend the holiday at the Queen’s country estate, Sandringham House, in Norfolk.

There, they attend the morning church service at the Church of St. Mary Magdalene. They also do a public walkabout, during which they show off their Christmas outfits.

Meghan Markle joined the family at Sandringham for the first time last year, when she and Prince Harry were still an engaged couple.

This year, there’s been some debate as to whether the entire family will spend Christmas together at Sandringham as usual.

Sources speculated that Harry and Meghan weren’t getting along with Kate Middleton and Prince William and that the latter two would spend the holidays with Kate’s family instead.

However, the royal family recently made a rare statement to shut down those rumors. A source told the Daily Mail that the entire family will be together with the Queen after all.

“Reports regarding Christmas are wrong,” the source said. “Everyone is in Norfolk this year.”

Spending the holidays together is a “show of solidarity” between the two wedded couples, apparently.

Which means that, like last year, we can expect to see some Christmas Day photos of the foursome together.

Christmas is a major tradition for the royal family. Queen Charlotte first introduced the Christmas tree to the palace back in the 18th century, according to the official royal family website.

Nowadays, the Queen and members of her family usually put the final touches on their Christmas tree themselves.