The Royal Christmas Special Aired And Viewers Swear Kate Shook Prince William’s Hand Away

by Angela Andaloro

Prince William and Kate Middleton have had an interesting year. The two are being groomed more than ever for their future roles in the monarchy.

As speculation that the Queen’s retirement is imminent continues, all eyes are on them. William and Kate have been more public in their moves as a result. For every success of the year, however, the couple has been plagued with a number of unflattering rumors.

Many of those rumors circulated around two incidents that some suggest have some overlap. One is the rumor that crept up in late spring that Prince William had been unfaithful. Media outlets named Kate’s friend Rose Hanbury as his alleged mistress.

The other is the well-documented and much-speculated-about rift between William and brother Prince Harry. Some suggest that the rift is simply because William felt Harry was moving too fast with Meghan Markle, but others think there’s much more at play than that.

All of these rumors of troubles within the Cambridge marriage have now been fueled by an awkward moment caught on camera. Viewers noted that during A Berry Royal ChristmasKate seemingly shrugged off an affectionate touch from her husband.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been touted as the future of the monarchy since the day they were married. As a result, their relationship is of great interest to many people around the world. This year, there have been a few points of concern that have the public curious about what’s going on with Will and Kate.

The negativity around William and Kate began in the late spring. While the rest of the world was obsessing over every move Meghan Markle made, rumors were quietly circulating that there was trouble in the Cambridge marriage. That trouble involved Kate’s friend, Rose Hanbury, Marchioness of Cholmondeley.

Rose and her husband, David Rocksavage, the Marquess of Cholmondeley, are neighbors of the Cambridges in Norfolk. They also run in the same social circles. Rumors indicated that William and Rose began an affair during Kate’s third pregnancy.

Reports also indicated that following the news of the alleged affair leaking, Kate banished the couple from their social circle. Despite the fact that these rumors are about infidelity in the marriage of the future king and queen of England, they still went rather quietly. They were quickly disregarded, but why?

The short answer is that there was more going on with Prince Harry and Meghan, who have been in the spotlight for the majority of this first year of their marriage. Depending on what rumors you buy into, there may be a reason for that. Some sources have indicated that the rift between William and Harry relates to the alleged affair.

In one way that the story’s been told, William told Harry about the affair and asked his advice on how to handle the media picking up on the story. Harry, who has been close to Kate since she joined the family, was disappointed in his brother’s behavior and not much help. Some believe that’s the reason behind the rift between brothers.

Others speculate that the rift is a result of William feeding into the negative media frenzy around Meghan Markle. Some of the most vicious reports came out during the time news of the affair was picking up speed. If William did anything to make that happen, as some indicate he may have, that could be why the Fab Four is no more.

Two recent incidents are calling more attention to the possibility of discord in the Cambridge marriage. One was during the royals’ Christmas special, A Berry Royal Christmas. The special saw William and Kate baking for the holidays and giving back to volunteers with British baking icon Mary Berry.

In one scene, William is sitting next to Kate facing her. He affectionately places a hand on her shoulder, which seems to be quickly shrugged off. Viewers were debating whether she was just shifting in her seat or if she truly didn’t want her own husband touching her.

The move was also notable because William and Kate are notorious for keeping PDA to a minimum. It’s rare to see them holding hands or exchanging a kiss. Could it be that Kate reacted that way because it was, at least for a public setting, an unexpected moment?

The other notable moment that’s drawn attention to the couple involves Queen Elizabeth’s annual pre-Christmas luncheon. In previous years, William and Kate have arrived at the event together, with kids in tow. This year, the couple arrived separately.

Prince William was seen driving up to the event with 6-year-old Prince George in the front seat. An aide or member of the security team was in the backseat. Many believe that safety may have been at the heart of the separate arrivals.

Meanwhile, Kate drove with an aide or security member next to her in the front seat. In the backseat were Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. The children’s nanny, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, was also with them and regularly attends the event.

For what it’s worth, William, Kate, and the children all left the event in one car. There could be many perfectly good explanations for why things went down the way they did. In the wake of this insane year for the royal family, however, nothing is outside the realm of possibility.