Man Opens Door To Find Armed Robbers, Then His Dog Risks Her Life And Leaps In Front Of Him

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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On December 30, 2016, Brenton Sutton was at home with his rottweiler, Roxy. When Brenton heard a knock at his front door, he assumed it was a friend he’d been waiting for, so he didn’t hesitate to open it.

Instead of a friend, though, Brenton was confronted by a group of masked, armed men. Roxy immediately went to greet the company, but before she had a chance to realize that she didn’t recognize the guests, the robbers shot her.

Brenton explained on the GoFundMe page he set up for his pup: “Roxy was barking at the back sliding glass door which always means someone or something is out in the front yard. I let her in & she bolted to the front door. I had been expecting a buddy to come hang out and watch the Boston Celtics game.

So when I went to open the front door I assumed it was my friend I was expecting.

“I opened the door & Roxy wedged herself out onto the front step to greet whoever was here as she always does. When I opened the front door I saw a light-skinned male that did not look familiar. Before I could react in anyway Roxy got through the front door & was immediately shot from point-blank range, arms-length away from me.”

When he heard the shot and Roxy’s yelp, Brenton slammed the front door and sprinted out the back sliding door, fearing for his own life. He jumped over a fence into his neighbors’ yard, told his neighbor what happened and ran back into his home armed with a knife.

The burglars were gone, and Brenton says, “I anticipated the worst and assumed my mama bear Roxy was dead.”

When he found Roxy, though, she was still alive. She had been shot in the shoulder and was severely injured, but Brenton found her early enough to get her to a vet hospital.

After she was admitted to the hospital, Roxy had to have surgery to amputate her front leg.

Brenton explained that “surgery was successful & Roxy is showing strength that only I wish I possessed.” She recovered from surgery well and is expected to lead a very happy life.

Now Brenton is trying to raise money for the surgery costs, and is asking people to continue sending positive thoughts to him and Roxy. He hopes the men who shot Roxy will be caught, but he is also just so happy that Roxy survived.

“Please continue to keep us both in your thoughts and prayers,” Brenton wrote. “I am not as strong as I wish I was. Roxy is my rock, my world, my absolute everything.”

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