Police And Firefighters Come Together To Save A Trapped Deer

by Karen Ruffini
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It’s amazing how incredible first responders can be. Whether you’re a police officer who rushes to the scene to rescue a baby fawn, or a fireman who saves a kitten from the brink of death, it’s clear that any life, big or small, is always worth saving.

When a homeowner looked out their window to see a deer stuck in the backyard fence, they placed a worried call to the Rome Police Department.

Patrolmen Aaron Page and Alex Sypniewski immediately stepped in, seeing that the doe’s shoulders were pushed through the iron fence, but its rear quarters were not small enough to push through.

The officers brought out a car jack and attempted to forcefully open the two posts where the doe was stuck, but it wasn’t working. It seemed as if this poor little animal couldn’t be helped.

So, that’s when Officer Page decided to call the Rome Fire Department and ask for assistance by bringing the Jaws of Life.

The Jaws of Life was able to pry open the two posts that trapped the animal, and once she was free, she happily ran off, no doubt thankful for the help from a few kind strangers!

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