Woman Records Herself On A Rollercoaster And Captures Her Extreme Reaction

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

With all of the new technologies nowadays, there’s nothing too surprising to see online anymore.

Whether you record your entire vacation or an emotional moment, everything that you do can and sometimes will be recorded so that you can share with the world or your loved ones.

Everything about technology sometimes gets a bad reputation, but the many moments we get to save and share forever, are definitely a great advantage to our evolving world of technology.

And in the video you’re about to see below, it may be a bit silly and ridiculous to some — but without a doubt, it will make you laugh. And without our latest cameras capture and share capabilities? We’d never get to laugh along with this woman!

As the video starts, Jenna Korsten begins to tell the camera she’s a bit scared as the rollercoaster she’s on inches up the hill.

She happened to be on the Magnum rollercoaster at Cedar Point amusement park, and it was a bit scarier than she expected, too.

As soon as the ride drops down the first hill, her reaction is hysterically over the top and her mouth does not close the entire time!

She may have been scared the whole time, but I’d say we and she both, get a kick out of this reaction every time! Who could dwell on the negatives of technology when it brings us laughs like this?

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