Couple Rides Roller Coaster, But Girlfriend Has No Idea He’s Going To Propose To Her At The Top

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

Allie was at Holiday World in Indiana and got onto the Voyage roller coaster with her boyfriend Austin in the fall of 2015.

Friends of the couple had a camera rolling while Austin compared life to a roller coaster. In Austin’s original video, he says, “It’s got its ups and downs, it’s got twists and turns and even throws you for a loop.”

Allie has a one-word reply but it’s not stopping Austin from talking.

“You can go by yourself but it’s a lot more fun to go with another person,” Austin continues. “So, I wanted to ask you if you wanna be my roller coaster buddy.”

Then everything clicks for Allie as she looks down to see her boyfriend holding an engagement ring.

“Allie, will you marry me?” he asks. Allie begins crying while the roller coaster gets to its highest point. She nods her head yes while the tears flow and Austin takes her hand.

Austin had two more surprises in store. The man unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a white T-shirt on which he’d written “She said yes!” for the roller coaster’s camera. Then he told her the ring on the ride was fake and got down on one knee to propose once more surrounded by their friends and family.

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Thumbnail photo: Flickr / Jennifer C.

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