Formerly Abandoned Cats Now Welcome And Comfort Other Rescued Animals

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

In 2013, three little kittens were found abandoned under a porch in Texas and their future seemed uncertain.

Luckily, the person who found them delivered them to the Mercy Animal Clinic, which had only opened its doors about a month prior.

Three and a half years later, the kittens, now grown up, are still there. They’ve made the clinic their permanent home, and serve as a sort of welcoming committee to the animals and the humans coming through the door.

Animals have always provided comfort to those around them, whether it’s to humans or even to other animals, as we saw with the incredibly sweet and compassionate “nurse” cat at an animal hospital in Poland.

And this trio of cats, who are actually brothers, are doing just that.

Dr. Rick Hamlin, who runs the clinic, has always had office cats and was on the lookout for some to bring on board. So when the cats appeared in early 2013, he knew he’d found his new colleagues.

Today, the cats, now named Larry, Carl, and Roger, are well known in the community and welcome everyone who comes into the clinic.

Check out the hard work they’ve been putting in at the office below!

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About three years ago, these three kittens were abandoned under a porch in Texas.

They were brought to the Mercy Animal Clinic for treatment which at the time had only been opened for a month.

Today, they’ve made the office their forever home.

Dr. Rick Hamlin, who runs the clinic, named them Larry, Roger, and Carl after his daughter suggested that his new colleagues needed office names.

The cats are well-known in the office and are always more than happy to help with the filing.

Which, of course, they take very seriously.

They have free-range of the place and they also help out with organizing…

…computer work…

…and sorting through the packages.

They also like to greet visitors, hanging out with humans and animal guests alike.

“Larry and Roger love a crowd of people and pets,” Hamlin said. “They will visit clients and pets in the waiting room and will jump on the exam table to visit with patients during exams.”

And for a nervous animal, having someone staying by their side can be a great comfort.

Of course, they have their own quirks, too. Larry, for example, likes stealing things out of purses.

Meanwhile, Carl, the black and white cat, is the “bad boy” who likes to stand up to dogs and prove his toughness.

As for Roger?

“We offer donuts to out clients on Saturdays and we have to keep Roger from stealing them,” Hamlin says.

Of course, they still manage to find time to catch up with their coworkers from time to time.

The cats are enjoying their home at the clinic and everyone who comes in enjoys their presence.

They’ve come a long way from being abandoned under a porch, and now they’re bringing joy and comfort to the community.

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