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Dog Leaps Off 20-Foot-High Overpass After Neighborhood Kids Let Him Out Of His Yard And Survives

by Mauricio Castillo
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A dog named Rocky from Memphis, Tennessee, epitomized what it means to be a survivor after going missing, jumping off a 20-foot overpass, and somehow coming out of it all with just a broken nail and a limp!

According to WREG, it all started when Edras Aguilar, Rocky’s dad, heard from a friend that some neighborhood kids had caused Rocky to escape while Edras had been in church. Rocky had previously escaped for the same reason before luckily being reunited with Edras.

This time, though, things took a turn for the worse.

While Edras desperately searched for his dog, a resident named Tonya Martin was leaving to do some shopping when she noticed a commotion on the overpass.

“I saw these cars parked on the side,” Tonya tells WREG in the video below. “And I pulled over and said, ‘What’s happened?'”

That’s when a girl told Tonya that a dog had just jumped off the overpass. “A guy that was there said, ‘He’s just down on the ground.'”

It was Rocky. Tonya saw him on the ground panting but not moving. She quickly rallied a group to rescue the dog.

They took him to an emergency clinic where they learned that Rocky was not only fine — save for a broken nail and a limp — but that he had an owner who was looking for him.

The animal hospital reunited Rocky and Edras using the dog’s microchip.

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Footage and photos provided by WREG Memphis

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