Soldier Leaps From Pickup Truck To Rescue Passengers After Train Derails Right In Front Of Him

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Second Lt. Robert McCoy was driving his pickup truck down the highway when he heard a really loud noise. As he recalls:

“I’m just kind of driving, just driving, and I hear a loud noise. And I look up, and I see the train, and it hits the concrete walls on the side. And when it hits the walls — the walls kind of exploded — and the train just falls off.”

Robert had just witnessed a train derailment on the tracks above him. The accident would kill three people and send over a hundred more to the hospital.

Robert serves in the US Army Medical Field. He saw people around him “paralyzed with fear,” and later said that he couldn’t blame them at all. Thankfully, he’s trained to handle these kinds of situations.

Despite the danger in front of him, Robert says he “took off toward the accident.” He grabbed a tourniquet and a CPR mask from his car and rushed to help.

The first thing Robert did was help the people who had been ejected from the train and were lying on the road below. He says he worried the train might collapse off the tracks — and land right on top of them.

Robert carried those people to safety. Then, he and another volunteer climbed into the dangling train and pulled terrified passengers to safety.

Watch the video below to hear Robert’s harrowing account of the inside of the train, and please SHARE his acts of bravery on Facebook.

Note: this video contains sensitive footage of the derailed train that some viewers may find triggering. If you are in the area and would like to support the victims of the crash, please consider donating blood to help treat patients.

Footage provided by KCPQ Seattle

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