Robert Irwin Shares Photos Of Himself And Dad Steve Irwin Feeding The Same Croc 15 Years Apart

by Kim Wong-Shing
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Robert Irwin just posted a side-by-side comparison of himself and his dad, and it might just make you tear up.

“Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin passed away in 2006 after a fatal stingray attack. Since then, his wife Terri, daughter Bindi, and son Robert have been continuing his work at the Australia Zoo.

Robert, 15, shares his dad’s passion for crocodiles. Like his dad, he also regularly educates the public during demonstrations at the zoo.

Robert recently shared two photos that show just how similar he is to his late father. In the photos, both Robert and Steve stand in the same spot and feed the same crocodile.

“Dad and me feeding Murray,” he captioned the photos. “Same place, same croc – two photos 15 years apart.”

The photos provoked an emotional reaction from both fans and family members.

“This is truly everything!” one person wrote. “Your dad must be overjoyed to see you literally walk in his footsteps!”

Robert Irwin was just 2 years old when his father died. But he still maintains a strong connection to the late “Crocodile Hunter.”

Not only does Robert bear a striking resemblance to Steve, but he also has followed in his father’s career footsteps. He works alongside his mom Terri and sister Bindi at the Australia Zoo.

He especially enjoys wildlife photography, which he posts often on his Instagram page.

Like his dad, Robert has lots of experience with crocodiles. He helps the zoo’s research team catch crocs to tag them for tracking, and he educates the public about crocodiles at the zoo.

In a recent Instagram post, Robert showed just how much he’s learned from his dad.

The post shows two side-by-side photos. In the top photo, Steve feeds a croc named Murray during a show at the zoo 15 years ago.

And in the bottom photo, 15-year-old Robert feeds the exact same croc in the exact same place. Even his pose and outfit are the same!

People quickly piled into the comments to point out what an amazing and touching post this is. Steve would be SO proud of his son.

Robert told ET in May that he loves getting these comparisons to his dad.

“When people say, ‘You remind us of your dad,’ it’s the biggest compliment I could ever receive,” he said.


He added that he finds his physical resemblance to his dad “a little bit freaky” but also “amazing.”

Anyway, this post has Steve Irwin fans literally holding back tears — so imagine how his actual family feels!

Bindi reshared the post on her own Instagram page. She wrote in the caption: “I’m so incredibly proud of you Robert. You inspire us all. Dad is always with us❤️.”

Robert isn’t the only one who’s following in his dad’s footsteps. The entire family is active at the Australia Zoo and beyond, continuing Steve’s legacy.

They also recently started a new wildlife TV show.

Crikey! It’s the Irwins shows what life is like for the family at the zoo.

Last year, Bindi opened up about what life is like without her dad, 12 years after his death.

“We really do try every day to make him proud and follow in his footsteps. I hope that somewhere he’s out there going, ‘Yes! You did good!” she told People.

“Every day we work with the beautiful animals at Australia Zoo and do the best we possibly can to ensure dad’s dreams and goals continue,” she told People.

Robert agrees; he says that their dad’s work is why they’re so passionate.

“This is what we’ve dedicated our life to — making sure that that message that he had, that passion that he had, continues,” he told ET.

They’re doing an amazing job!