Robbers Attempt To Break Into Single Mom’s House, But Huge Pet Pig Thwarts Their Evil Operation

by Kim Wong-Shing
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Dogs aren’t the only animals that can help guard your house. An Indianapolis family’s pet pig scared away some would-be thieves from robbing the home.

While the family was away, the pig — adorably named Dumplin — did his duty.

The thieves broke in through the back door, leaving a trail of damage behind.

“They completely damaged my door. The entire door is ruined,” the anonymous homeowner told WXIN.

But somehow, none of her actual belongings were stolen or damaged. That led the officers to believe that Dumplin scared the criminals away.

“The officers were guessing when the person broke in, they were probably surprised I had a pig and were like, ‘We don’t want to deal with this.’ The cop was like, we definitely think they got in and made it to where Dumplin was and thought, ‘Nope.

We don’t want no part of this.’”

Although Dumplin is extremely cute, he’s also a large adult pig. He could definitely injure someone if he wanted to.

“It’s scary to think about what if my kids and I would have been home,” the homeowner admitted. She’s a single mom with four kids, and she only bought the house a couple weeks ago.

Unfortunately, this break-in is part of a pattern. On the same day that Dumplin found robbers at his doorstep, burglars also broke into three other houses within a two-block radius.

“I guess it’s something I should have looked into. It’s common in the neighborhood. I didn’t think about it. I was excited to be buying my first home.”

But on the plus side, this family has Dumplin to protect them.

“The moment I saw him, I knew he loved me instantly. He’s the perfect animal.”

Footage provided by WXIN Indianapolis

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