Rob Gronkowski Returned Home After Super Bowl Loss To Find His House Had Been Robbed

by Kate Taylor
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The New England Patriots and their loyal fans suffered a disappointing Super Bowl loss on February 4, 2018.

Sadly, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was in for another disappointment when he returned to his home outside Boston the following Monday.

Rob — or “Gronk” as he is usually called — immediately noticed that someone had been inside his Foxborough, Massachusetts, home while he was away for the big game.

Foxborough Police Chief William D. Baker confirmed the football star’s home was broken into. He called the situation a “double whammy” for Gronk following the outcome of the championship game on Sunday.

Chief Baker said, “I don’t know if you [have] ever been the victim of a break-in, but when you are robbed and there is an intrusion into your personal space, it’s unpleasant — whether you are Rob Gronkowski or Bill Baker.”

The Chief declined to mention what items were taken from the home due to the high-profile status of the case. A recording from the dispatcher on Monday night suggests it could include guns and safes.

Although the investigation is still underway, it’s pretty clear that Gronk was targeted because the culprits knew he would be out of town. After all, no smart burglar would want to take on Gronkowski in a fight — he stands at 6 feet, 6 inches and weighs in at 265 pounds, according to the Patriots’ official roster.

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Photos and Footage provided by: CBS Local – WBZ Boston

[H/T: Boston Globe]

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