Affectionate Horses Show How Much They Love Their People

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

If you’re an animal lover, it can be pretty hard to imagine a world where any of the Earth’s beautiful creatures could be unwanted.

Unfortunately, for every sweet creature who has a happy, loving home, there’s another animal suffering in loneliness, neglect, or abuse.

That’s why we have a special place in our hearts for people who give animals a second chance, like the wonderful folks who rescued this pup from captivity and brought him home.

And it’s not just dogs and cats who need a helping hand from human friends every now and then. There are also some incredible organizations that work with much bigger animals, from wild animals that can’t be tamed to livestock like cows and pigs.

One of these remarkable groups is the Rivers Edge Horse Rescue & Sanctuary.

These folks create a happy, loving home for noble horses with nowhere left to go. In turn, their equine residents show their humans just how grateful they are every single day, with plenty of horse hugs and cuddles!

Read on below to learn more about this incredible sanctuary and the kindhearted creatures who call it home!

Rivers Edge Horse Rescue was started in 2010 to provide a safe and happy home to horses coming from situations of abuse or neglect.

Their mission statement, according to the official webpage, is to provide comfort to horses in need.

The statement reads, “Rivers Edge Horse Rescue is dedicated to rescuing abused, abandoned, unwanted, and slaughter-bound horses, and providing them with a sanctuary where they can live out the remainder of their lives with dignity and peace at a loving and caring facility.”

Certainly, there are more than enough beautiful horses in the world that need this kind of support.

It is far too often that horses are rescued from neglectful owners, animal hoarding situations, and slaughterhouses where they will be put down.

These noble and graceful creatures deserve a comfortable, enjoyable retirement, and that’s what Diane Romano-Potacki, the owner of the sanctuary seeks to give them.

For Romano-Potacki, it’s a labor of love, and one that doesn’t always come easily.

The sanctuary was badly damaged by Hurricanes Irene and Sandy when they struck New Jersey, where the rescue is located.

Since then, every spare penny and volunteer hour has gone into giving the rescued horses the quality of life that they deserve.

It’s no easy task to keep 21 beautiful horses happy, exercised, and well fed, but Rivers Edge somehow makes it possible.

The pure happiness and joy of these creatures shows in their every interaction with the human volunteers who look out for them.

As Rivers Edge posted on their Facebook page, “This is the place for horse hugs and kisses!”

In fact, they have a whole album of gorgeous pictures showing just how affectionate their lovely horses are!

Though horses don’t always warm up to new people right away, the horses at Rivers Edge clearly have a special affection for the volunteers and workers that they know best.

Photo after photo show the sanctuary’s beautiful four-legged residents nuzzling right up to their beloved people.

In fact, we would be hard pressed to name a sight more beautiful than a gorgeous horse like this one, showing so much trust and love for a human.

This gorgeous horse seems just delighted to share a sweet moment with his human best bud!

And we have to admit, we’re pretty jealous of the humans who get to work in this incredible sanctuary. We want a horse best friend, too!

Of course, Rivers Edge is still working hard to rebuild and to protect their horses.

That means that, if you happen to live in or around New Jersey and have a little free time, you could almost certainly make your own affectionate horse friend by volunteering to help out!

Volunteers do marketing work, clerical work, and, of course, hands-on work with the sanctuary’s guests.

And even if you’re too far away or don’t have the time to volunteer, you might just be able to get in on the beautiful, trusting dynamic of the sanctuary.

Folks in the area can attend one of their many fun and exciting fundraising evenings, and there are many options for donating funds or supplies. You can check out their Sponsor A Horse link to learn more!

If you love the idea of working closely with beautiful horses, check out their Facebook page here, and don’t forget to SHARE with any friends who love horses!