Couple Relieved When Sanitation Worker Finds Missing Wedding Ring In Landfill

by Emerald Pellot
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Oh my goodness, sometimes it can feel like luck is not on your side. Then a moment later, it can feel quite the opposite.

That must be what husband and wife Carla and Bernie Squitieri must be feeling.

One day Carla was cleaning the kitchen. She took off her rings while she tidied up. Then she took the garbage out. By the time Carla realized her $400,000 wedding ring was in the trash, it was too late. The trash had been picked up by Meridian Waste Services. The truck was on its way to the landfill. Carla and Bernie went down to the dump and spoke with operations manager Joe Evans.

The three suited up into protective gear and began to peruse eight tons of trash. In less than half an hour, Joe found the shiny ring inside a bag of trash. The couple was stunned by Joe’s honesty. No one saw him find the ring. He could of easily pocketed it, instead he handed it over with pride. Carla was in tears; she planned to pass the ring down to her daughter. While it may not happen too often, maybe the key to finding a needle in a haystack is just tried and true honesty.

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