Woman Opens Door To Find Lost Dog And Immediately Recognizes Him From Car Wreck Story On TV

by Jess Butler
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A small dog named Rico Suave ran off after his owner got into a single-vehicle accident and rolled over.

The missing dog was nowhere to be found for four days, but somehow, he ended up far, far away from the scene of the car wreck.

As the search for Rico Suave went on, a complete stranger just happened to look outside her house and found the lost canine near her own pet.

According to KGUN, a woman opened her back door on February 22, 2018, to let her dog inside her home. It was then that she found another canine — Rico Suave — right behind her best four-legged friend.

The woman suddenly realized that the dog at her door wasn’t just any animal. She remembered watching a news story about a missing dog and checked his tag, confirming that he was in fact the same Rico Suave she saw on TV.

She immediately contacted the sheriff’s department and alerted the police. Finally, the missing dog had been found safe and sound.

Rico Suave did end up with a minor back injury, but he was set to head to the veterinarian the moment he was reunited with his owner.

Check out the video below to see more of this unbelievable dog and learn about his 12-mile journey to safety.

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Footage and photos provided courtesy of KGUN Tucson

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