Ricky Schroder Admits Being A Heartthrob Was ‘Uncomfortable’ And Exposes Woes Of Child Stardom

by Jess Butler
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Like many other child stars, Ricky Schroder had a big effect on his audience. He was put up on a pedestal by millions of teen girls. But looking back, the Silver Spoons star wasn’t always too fond of his heartthrob status.

In the video below from a 2013 interview, Ricky explains, “The whole thing with the screaming girls and stuff — I didn’t understand. By the time [it] ended, when I was 17… it was challenging for me because I didn’t know how anyone was comfortable with that,” adding, “I wasn’t comfortable with it.”

Today, he jokes with his kids that he was almost as famous as Justin Bieber, but not quite as much. In the same interview, he reveals the struggles of transitioning from child star to adult actor.

He says, “If your ego is totally tied up in your work, and you don’t work for a while, it can be scary. It’s very hard to have been famous, I think, and try to live a normal life.”

He mentions his good friend, the late Gary Coleman, and how fame hit him hard, but he chose to get back up every time he fell.

Despite all the pitfalls and challenges that came with being a child star and teen heartthrob, Ricky managed to transition into an acting career as an adult, and he now has a family of his own!

Check out what else he has to say about fame and his family in the video below, and please SHARE if you’re glad Ricky Schroder is doing so well as an adult actor and a father!

Photo: OWN

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