Zookeeper Walks Into Rhino Rehab, Then Pulls Out His Guitar And Starts Singing To Baby

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Mark Mills works at the Care For Wild sanctuary. Located in South Africa, it aims to take care of rhinos that have been injured or orphaned.

But Mark isn’t just a dedicated animal caretaker — he’s also quite the musician, and he uses his musical skills to help care for animals.

Mark is caring for a baby rhino named Pepper whose mother sadly abandoned her just after she was born.

But Pepper has found a wonderful home at the Care For Wild sanctuary. She is cared for and loved, and every day she’s getting stronger, healthier, and closer to being able to live in the wild.

Pepper sometimes has trouble sleeping, but there’s one thing that’s sure to help her relax: Mark.

In the video below, Mark helps Pepper fall asleep by playing her a special lullaby on his guitar. You can see how Pepper looks slightly anxious when the video starts, but quickly calms down thanks to Mark.

She even cuddles up to him by the end, showing her love and appreciation for her friend and caretaker.

I’ve always thought of rhinos as being pretty big and scary, but this video is so sweet — it’s really making me rethink that.

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