He Spots A Lonely Dog Stranded In A Storm. What He Does Next? I’m Speechless!

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

Benoit Denizet-Lewis set out to drive around the country with his dog, Casey. The road trip was for his book, “Travels With Casey.” A true dog lover at heart, Benoit wanted to document all the different canines he and Casey would meet on the road.

Along the way, however, his story took an unexpected turn.

Midway through their journey, Benoit and Casey pulled over for gas on an Indian reservation in Arizona. There, they met a pack of stray dogs. Nobody paid the dogs any mind, so Benoit tried to connect them with a local animal rescue — but to no avail. The dogs were on tribal land that stretched for miles. According to state jurisdiction, there was little he could do. There are nearly half a million of these “res dogs” along the dirt roads, seeking comfort in whatever shade they can find and begging for food outside nearby convenience stores.

But there was something about the one lone black dog, laying in the middle of the heavy dust storms. Benoit knew he couldn’t leave her out there.

He picked her up out of the dirt and carefully placed her in his rented motor home, alongside Casey. After a much-needed trip to the vet, Benoit named the black dog Rezzy. Needless to say, Benoit and Casey came home from their road trip with a brand new family member 🙂

Had he not scooped her up and rescued her, the vets said Rezzy would have died within weeks due to a medical condition from which she suffered.

Today, Benoit, Casey, and Rezzy are one happy family. It just goes to show you — when your heart is open, anything is possible.

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