11 Ways To Put Your Old Carpeting To Good Use

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

What do you do with carpeting you’re not using anymore? It seems like such a waste to just toss it in the trash.

A lot of the time old carpeting still has some life left in it by the time the new stuff comes along. So, how do you reuse old carpet scraps?

When I moved to my new apartment, I no longer had the need for some carpeting. However, I couldn’t bring myself to toss it away. I’d only had it for a few years, and there’s so much material that could be put to good use. I rolled it up and leaned it up against my dresser, and soon enough my cat was using it as a very tall scratching post.

I took the laziest way out when looking for a way to reuse old carpet scraps, but these 11 ideas really don’t require much more effort than I took! I just might take a second look at the carpet and use it in more ways around my home.

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[H/T: This Old House]

1. Use It To Move Heavy Furniture

reuse-old-carpet-scraps furniture

If you like to rearrange your furniture a lot, but can’t figure out how to protect your hardwood floors, I’ve finally got the solution: little bits of old carpet! Cut up carpet into little squares and slip them under the legs of a heavy chair or a table. Now, you’re ready to slide those bad boys around your home to your heart’s content without wrecking your floors.

2. Use It As A Cushion For Your Knees

reuse-old-carpet-scraps kneeling

Even if you don’t have bad knees (yet), you still want to protect them when you’re working on them for long periods of time. When you’re cleaning out a low kitchen cabinet, scrubbing a spot on the floor, looking underneath the fridge for a rogue pea, or out gardening for a long time, use a scrap of carpeting to cushion your knees from the hard floor or ground.

3. Make A Scratching Post For Your Cat

reuse-old-carpet-scraps scratching post

It’s easy to make a scratching post for your cat in just a few simple steps using old scraps of carpet. The thing is going to get absolutely torn up anyway, so why spend a decent chunk of change on one from the store?

4. Protect Your Car Doors

reuse-old-carpet-scraps garage

If you’ve been known to park a little too close to the wall of your garage, attach a strip of carpet to the wall so that you don’t ding up your car door when you swing it open. A simple solution to what could have otherwise been an expensive car repair.

5. Make Disposable Car Mats

reuse-old-carpet-scraps car mats

The changing of the seasons always brings its own specific set of troubles for your car, both inside and out. One easy way to keep your car clean is to cut scraps of old carpet up to fit on the floor as mats. When they inevitably get all dirty with mushy winter snow or summer beach sand, you could either give them a wash, or toss them out and make more. The ones you can buy or get custom-made can get expensive, and you know they’re just going to get ruined anyway.

6. Prevent Spillage From Overwatering Plants

reuse-old-carpet-scraps potted plant

Cut up carpet scarps and place them underneath your potted plants. Then, when you inevitably overwater them one day, the majority of the mess will get soaked up by the carpet and will save  your floors! To me, this is sheer genius, because I overwater my plants just about every other day.

7. Use It For Traction

reuse old carpet scraps traction

Whether you’re stuck in the mud or the ice and snow, you’ll be able to use a decent-sized carpet scrap to help you get traction. Just keep in in the trunk of your car and you’ll be ready to handle a tricky situation in a flash.

8. Use A Scrap As A Durable Rag

8. Use A Scrap As A Durable Rag

When a regular rag just won’t stand up, use a scarp of carpet. Washing away dust and grime from a window screen, for instance, will be much more efficient when done with a bit of carpet dipped in warm, soapy water instead of a rag or a paper towel.

9. Make A Play Area For Kids Or Grandkids

reuse old carpet scraps play time

Playing on tile, hardwood floor, or an outside deck can be uncomfortable for a little one… and also you! Putting out a scarp of carpet on hard surfaced makes playing much more pleasant. Puzzles, toy cars, and building blocks just got a lot more cozy.

10. Prevent Slipping On Ladders

reuse old carpet scraps ladder

If you attach a bit of carpet to the bottom rung of a ladder, you can wipe off your shoes before you climb. This way, any mud or wetness will be wiped away and slipping on one of the higher rungs becomes much less likely.

11. Make Coasters

reuse old carpet scraps coasters

You can never have enough coasters around the house, so why not use your smaller carpet scraps to make some? It will be like a mini living room for your beverage.

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