Clever Builders Find Creative Ways To Preserve Nature

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

When it comes to nature and respecting it, let’s face it. Humans don’t have a great track record. We like to cut down trees, throw our junk everywhere without cleaning up after ourselves, and basically roll around like we own the place.

Luckily, there are plenty of people who are looking out for our planet in a variety of different ways.

Some are simply recycling and reusing, which makes a great change, and others, like a stunning green kindergarten in Vietnam, are teaching new generations the importance of being environmentally responsible.

Today, we’re looking at architects and builders who love nature enough to build their homes out in the woods, but who also have enough respect for it to recognize that they’re not the first ones to take up residence there.

So how do they make their space a home for themselves and the trees? With some clever and unique architecture, of course!

Check it out below and see what living in harmony with nature really looks like.

[H/T: Bright Side]

The meandering bough of this tree was too pretty to cut down when this peaceful porch was built, so now it serves as a kind of double railing.

And it’s not just porches. This whole house was built around a sprawling tree, and so the walls, roof, and window all had to be adjusted for it.

They even got specially bent window bars to allow space for the branch. Now that’s dedication.

Other times, it’s not so complex. A wall is simple enough to alter for a bendy branch by simply including a cutout.

And if the tree grows any more, there’s plenty of room, too.

While building these stairs might have been a little trickier than normal, the tree actually provides some pretty great shade, making the porch and steps a perfect hangout spot.

Other times, people want to really bring the inside out. This cylindrical house blurs the lines of indoors and out with glass walls and a fully encompassed tree at its center.

And it’s not just homes. This school in Japan incorporates an old tree into its design, giving the kids a hands-on experience with nature.

A school in Thailand does the same. While the overhang provides protection from rain, the trees and grass give the school a literal breath of fresh air.

This house and its porches were built after the tree was already established, and the builder, in a show of consideration, was willing to go along with that.

But houses don’t have to look rustic in order to be in touch with the natural world. This house is sleek and modern, but also incorporates a tree.

There’s something about these tree trunks that makes this porch seem like an extra tranquil place to sit and ponder.

And while some houses prefer a smooth single trunk, this family is happy to welcome ivy and ferns into their home, as well, for an extra splash of green.

This cabin in Poland takes advantage of the sheer size of this tree by building two porches around it.

This house looks like something out of The Jetsons, but it actually manages to blend in quite well with the surrounding trees thanks to its support poles and the tree peeking through the staircase.

Of course, it’s not only trees that make it into human living spaces. These tufty little grasses peek into a room to add an unexpected bit of greenery and light.

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