Rescued Bird Does An Adorable Little Dance With His New Dad

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

Most would agree that surprises can brighten their day. So, I’d say a surprise guest is definitely the way to make any performance all the more memorable.

I remember watching the clip of Michael Bublé performing when a surprise appearance from another handsome celebrity takes place onstage; I think my mom would lose it if she were at that performance.

But you might enjoy this one just as much, especially because a cute animal is added to the mix rather than an unattainable celebrity with the voice of an angel.

This bearded burly man decided to record himself with his head bopping and grooving to some music; what he didn’t decide is what was going to happen on his shoulder.

When this beautiful little rescue decides to come into the picture, you’re definitely going to get a good laugh!

What ensues is a surprise performance by a very odd, but amazing, pair of dancers. Please be aware that this rescue may not look like he is in the best shape because of his previous life, but this man seems to have his spirits up already!

I would love to have this little guy as my new pet, wouldn’t you?

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