This Rescue Puppy’s Best Friend Is An Old Brick And Their ‘Relationship’ Couldn’t Be Cuter

by Giovanna Boldrini
Giovanna was born in Rome, Italy and currently resides in South Salem, New York. In her free time, she likes to cook with her children and grandchildren.

Adopting a rescue dog isn’t all treats, walks, and toys. It also involves a special commitment to loving one’s canine companion and (or despite) all of their quirks.

When Ariana Smoak, 19, adopted a rescue puppy named Sunny last year, she didn’t know much about him. Once Sunny settled into his new home, however, Ariana immediately realized that she had welcomed a very silly pooch into her life.

You see, Sunny’s favorite thing on this planet is — get this — an old brick.

Ariana adopted Sunny as a puppy last June, but he wasn’t always the cleanest, cutest package in the mailbox, so to speak.

“I rescued him and his siblings last year from the street,” Ariana told BuzzFeed. “They were all covered in fleas, and the mom had missing teeth and a skin condition. We cared for them for weeks.”

Ariana has frequently showcased her fluffy friend on social media ever since adopting him, but it wasn’t until she disclosed the identity of Sunny’s best friend in a tweet this week that the sweet pup went viral.

“My dog’s best friend is a brick,” Ariana tweeted Tuesday. Now that’s a new one!

It’s not just a phase, either. Sunny first “met” the brick as a puppy.

And he still plays with his brick to this day!

Since he was a puppy he would [lie] with it, kiss it, and chew on it,” Ariana told BuzzFeed. “We don’t know why, and our other two dogs have no interest in it.”

One of the funniest things to come out of Sunny’s newfound internet fame is the revelation that he’s not alone. In response to Ariana’s viral tweet, other people have been sharing images of their dogs hanging out with their own awkward toys.

Look at this guy and his rock! It’s a match made in… well, somewhere.

you are my sunshine, my only sunshine

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“The response [to my tweet] has been wild,” Ariana told BuzzFeed. “I never would’ve expected this to blow up like it did.”

“I’m happy I got to show the world the goofy side of him I see every day,” Ariana said.

You might be wondering what an old brick was doing in Ariana’s house in the first place.

Apparently, it’s just a functional part of the room!

“It’s just to keep the rug down,” Ariana told one person on Twitter.

The reasoning behind Sunny’s attraction to the brick remains a mystery, although this person’s theory is certainly compelling.

Ariana wants to use her and Sunny’s 15 minutes of fame to share an important message: “I want to shed light on why people should spay and neuter their pets because there’s a lot more animals not as fortunate as Sunny,” she said.