Rescue Kitten Is In Heaven When Mom Gives Her A Nice, Relaxing Bath

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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There is nothing more relaxing than a warm bath, especially on a cold day!

I’ve always preferred baths over showers — who doesn’t enjoy taking some time to just lay back and relax?

For cats, they often clean themselves and tend to avoid water. They usually hate water  with a capital “H,” but that’s not the case for all cats!

Clover is a rescue kitten with a white heart on her chest. Luna, Clover’s mom, told LittleThings that Luna’s father found her, “he heard the meowing louder, so he set out to see when it was coming from. He searched and searched, but didn’t find anything. My Dad had to go to the store, so he started to pull his card out of the driveway.

All of sudden there she was- in the middle of the pathway. She was just a tiny fluff of fur then, only about 6 days old.”

Being a kitten, Clover needed to learn many things. She had to learn how to use a litter box and eat her meals. But being a baby can get messy! Since she was so small and not used to cleaning herself, mom helped her out with a bath.

You might think this kitten would freak out in the water, but she was in pure bliss under the warm water from the faucet. She tilted her head back and just basked in the sensation.

Clover’s mom was quick to defend her choice for giving her little girl a bath, as some people online were critical of her. “Yes, this was warm water. Kittens have to be kept at a certain temperature, and I was always very on top of this. She also had a warm, gentle blow dry after to combat her temperature dropping,” Luna wrote in a lengthy Instagram post.

You can see more of Luna’s adventures on Instagram! If you enjoyed this cute kitten, you will also love this reverse situation, where a kitten gives their human a bath!

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Video Credit: Luna X Mars

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