Rescue Dog Plays A Game Of Fetch For The First Time

by Paul Morris
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Tia hasn’t had the best of luck so far in her life. When she was found in an old house, her humans were keeping her in truly foul conditions.

Her food wasn’t healthy or nutritious, she hadn’t been bathed in years, she hadn’t been given any proper vet care, and above all else, she hadn’t been played with or socialized properly.

When her humans were finally evicted from their awful way of living, they left the dog behind, but thankfully being abandoned was the best thing that could have happened to this little girl!

After some training, and some love, Tia has been brought up in a house full of humans who know how to treat a dog: with kindness!

They’ve since given her all her proper medicine, she eats healthy meals every day, and she loves to play with doggie toys and treats! But of all the games that she loves to play the most, it would easily have to be fetch.

Something she never got to do in her old home, this game is pretty amazing when you think about it. For as much as humans have abused her and hurt her, when she finally found a friend who treated her with love, they’ll throw out the ball and she’ll always rush to pick it up and proudly run back!

Though she might need a bit more practice before she really perfects the game, she’s certainly on the right track!

Little Tia still lives with her foster family as they look to find her a nice “forever home.” Thankfully, she was saved by an amazing group of people who will do whatever it takes to make sure she lives an amazing life surrounded by love and affection!

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