Rescue Dog Buddy Mercury Hits A High Note With The Internet After Crooning Along To His Piano

by Angela Andaloro

Sometimes, it becomes abundantly clear that a rescue dog has found its way to the home it was always meant to have.

Buddy Mercury is one of those dogs. The beagle-basset hound mix was rescued by his owners after they saw him at an adoption event in April 2016. When they brought him home, they discovered that Buddy loves to play the piano. He plays two to three times a day, getting inspired by his human parent playing drums or his human sister playing her toy guitar.

“He is one of the kindest, sweetest dogs I’ve ever met. He absolutely loves people. But he also loves other animals,” his owners explained to Bored Panda.

“Even cats! He gets along with everyone.”

Buddy Mercury became internet famous after videos of him playing the piano and howling along went viral. Since then, Buddy has been on a mission to spread the love of music while encouraging families to find their perfect rescue pet.

When Buddy Mercury’s owners attended an adoption event on April 30, 2016, they had no idea they were about to meet a dog who would change their lives. Once they brought the beagle-basset hound mix home, they discovered the truth.

“He is one of the kindest, sweetest dogs I’ve ever met,” his owners told Bored Panda. “He absolutely loves people. But he also loves other animals. Even cats! He gets along with everyone. He’s a little love.”

Buddy Mercury, named after Freddy Mercury, came into a musical family. His human parent is a drummer, while his human little sister enjoys playing on her toy instruments. Both are inspirations for Buddy.

Everyone was very impressed when they realized Buddy took a liking to the family piano. Two or three times a day, when the mood strikes, he will jump up and paw at the keys while howling along, working on some original tunes.

Buddy’s owners insist that he taught himself how to play. They also say that he can’t be prompted to play. He simply goes over to the piano to do his thing when he feels like it, and sometimes they get the opportunity to catch it on video.

“Any time his dad is drumming away, Buddy will be inspired. Same as when Lil Sis is playing her guitar or singing and dancing. It’s amazing,” his family explained. There are even videos showing them jamming together, and they’re too cute for words.

Buddy’s owners began sharing videos of Buddy hitting the keys and crooning along. Instantly, people fell in love with the pooch. The sweet doggo has amassed more than 25,000 followers on Instagram.

Buddy isn’t just a musical prodigy. He’s also an adorable and playful pooch. He’s obviously fallen in love with his human family. The bond between them truly feels like it was meant to be, which makes it even sweeter for his followers to join in.

Sometimes, Buddy even gets fancy for a performance that he’ll share with fans. How many other dogs do you know who look that good in a bow tie? He’s a dog of many talents, and we love all of them.

Buddy’s owners say he’s looking to spread two very important messages. One is about the joy of music. “He would like to inspire other animals and children all over the world about the joy of music and to always let your creative juices flow,” they said.

The other message Buddy is looking to spread is about finding room in your heart and life for a rescue pet. “We feel he plays his tunes not only for the love of music, and his family but as a call to action for others to consider rescuing an animal. There are so many out there in need of a good, loving and happy home,” they added.

Buddy’s fans love his music so much that he even has a whole website. Not only can you buy Buddy’s music, but you can also buy merch to show your appreciation for the dog with a song in his heart.

A percentage of every item purchased from Buddy’s website is donated directly to shelters that do the hard work of helping animals find their forever homes. It’s wonderful that Buddy and his owners support the kinds of organizations that brought them together.

Buddy Mercury is truly a one-of-a-kind doggo. His joy for music and his happy life in his forever home truly spark feelings of joy and hope for all the animals out there waiting to find their happily ever after.