12 Genius Ways To Give Your Old, Useless Silverware A Second Life

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

If you open your utensil drawer only to have it get jammed up with all the overflowing silver clashing together, you might want to consider using one of these impressive silverware crafts as a clever solution for your crowded kitchen.

Even if you’re not dealing with that pesky issue, I wouldn’t be surprised if you still find yourself heading to the store to grab a few cheap forks and spoons to create more than just one of these amazing projects! I know I’m going to go through my own drawer to tackle the adorable option in #7 when I get home tonight.

All you need is a little strength to bend and ply the silverware into whole new objects, though a vice and hammer can be pretty helpful, too. Of course, you should always use caution while working with tools.

Take a look to see some of the unique examples of silverware crafts folks have actually tried.

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1. Fork Bracelet

Silverware crafts: fork bracelet

Instructables user YaronShemesh decided to make this lovely accessory for his wife after seeing a few other examples on a crafting site. He used a vice, hammer, and pliers to simply bend the fork into place and then cleaned it up with some salt and vinegar to make it shine.

2. Silverware Napkin Rings

Silverware crafts: napkin rings

This idea from Instructables user M3G certainly brings the utensils full circle! Using a vice, he carefully bent the rings around a metal rod to create a cheap and delightful present for loved ones.

3. Fork Money Clip

Silverware crafts: fork money clip

This might be the easiest project in the whole bunch — simply bend the fork until the prongs almost touch the handles, then insert your money!

4. Fork Ring

Silverware crafts: fork ring

How adorable is this idea from Instructables user seamster? He used a metal cut-off disc on his rotary tool to trim the fork prongs before bending them into the ring shape.

5. Spoon Light Fixture

5. Spoon Light Fixture

Instructables user Denis K combined these clustered spoons with some coffee cups to create a truly eye-catching chandelier for his kitchen.

6. Fork Hook

Silverware crafts: fork hook

While attempting to sculpt a snail out of the fork, Instructables user Weissensteinburg stumbled upon this handy project instead. They use a vice to bend it into shape, then attached it to the wall with nails through the prongs to act as a fulcrum.

7. Mini Magnetic Vase

Silverware crafts: mini-vase

Instructables user M3G got super creative with this amazing idea! After hollowing out and filing down the utensil’s handle, he added tiny magnets to one side with epoxy.

8. Spoon Flower

Silverware crafts: spoon flower

Add some metal to your petals with this clever project from Instructables user blrplt1. They welded their spoon heads to a ladle and then welded the charming bloom onto a rod.

9. Spoon Ring

Silverware crafts: spoon ring

I was always jealous of one of my friends in high school for having one of these, but I didn’t realize how easy it was to make on my own! Instructables user Kyleluvspets used a vice and hammer to bend it into the perfect shape.

10. Silverware Key Ring

Silverware crafts: keychain

Keep all your keys in check with this adorable and totally easy project from Instructables user M3G. All you have to do is bend the fork or spoon handle over and insert a regular ring in the fold.

11. Mermaid Tail Spoon Necklace

11. Mermaid Tail Spoon Necklace

Amberly at Re-Creations carved out this precious mermaid tail from a flattened-out spoon. This would be a great present for any Little Mermaid fan!

12. Fork Garden Labels

12. Fork Garden Labels

Instructables user skyisblu contorted the prongs of this old fork and used a marker to create a wonderfully whimsical garden label.

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