Reporter Runs After A Shirtless Hunk On The Beach In A Hilarious News Clip

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

If you watch the news often enough, then you know that pretty much anything can happen on live TV. Any kind of mistake can occur because people are unpredictable at times, or small details escape newscasters’ attention.

There are plenty of examples of ways in which slight mishaps have happened live on the air — but with hilarious results! One newscaster blended in with the weather report, even though she was convinced that her dress was the right shade of green, while another reporter overestimated his skateboarding abilities.

But sometimes, a light-hearted moment to entertain viewers is exactly what everyone needs. KTLA Reporter Wendy Burch provided the perfect comedic relief while interviewing a shirtless runner on the beach about the recent shark sightings in the area.

The Australian man had a very strong opinion about the severity of the shark sightings, but Burch didn’t seem to be paying attention to his words — she was simply enthralled by his good looks!

When the runner took off after the interview, Burch and her coanchors bantered about chasing after the hunky man, but Burch wasn’t kidding around. She wasted no time in dropping her mic and running across the sand, away from the camera. Whether she caught up to him or not is unknown, but the joke was certainly made in good jest.

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