Couple Exposes Rental Scam On TV After Seeing Fake But Nearly Identical Ad For Neighbor’s House

by Jess Butler
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The Bergers couldn’t understand why crowds of people kept showing up at their neighbor’s rental home next door. Then, they did a little digging and discovered a huge lie and a horrible scam.

People viewed the rental home as a hot commodity once they saw it listed for just $1,100 in an online ad. When the Bergers saw a second listing with the same exact picture and format — but a higher price — they knew something was very wrong.

In the video below, we see the almost identical listings, side by side. One ad for the rental home asks for $1,100 while the other asks for $1,535.

The Bergers spoke with ABC Action News to help reporters investigate the rental home scam going on next door. The team found that the second, more expensive listing was real and belonged to their neighbor.

However, a complete stranger created the $1,100 ad and was trying to scam people into paying him that price. One reporter spotted the stranger’s contact information and called him to get some answers.

Check out what happened during this reporter’s call to the scammer in the video below, and please SHARE if you’re glad this couple spoke out about the scam before it was too late!

Footage and photos provided by KTNV Las Vegas

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